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Shuckman's Fish Co.

Salmon Bratwurst

100% All Natural. No additives.

The beloved 100 year old Shuckman’s Fish Co. and Smokery is known best known for products like its Kentucky Spoonfish Caviar & Bourbon Smoked Salmon, which has been featured in publications such as the New York Times, Bon Appetit, the Wall Street Journal, Food Republic and even National Geographic. But another staple is their absolutely delicious and unique, Salmon Italian Sausage & Brats. The Salmon Brats & Sausages are hand twisted and ground the old fashioned way. With all natural casing and just enough seasoning these will melt in your mouth.

Old World Recipe with all natural "real" ingredients.

An absolute hit for those who looking for an alternative to your traditional pork or beef bratwurst. 

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