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Pig Wings (KC Wild Wings)

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Hog or Pork wings, of course, are not real wings. Everybody knows that pigs can’t fly until the impossible happens. It’s a popular expression, “Yeah, when that happens, pigs will fly."

Hog wings are actually just pork shanks. The shank bone connected to the leg bone is the “wing.” Like other winged creatures, there are only two wings per hog, but boy chicken wings may have some stiff competition.  A fun and tasty choice, unique Smoke‘NFast KC Wild Wings® are meatier and easier to eat than their feathered counterpart. Fully cooked and deliciously flavored, KC Wild Wings® are a crowd-pleasing favorite with unlimited versatility. Serve them with a variety of dipping sauces Buffalo-style, Cajun-style or as a party sampler platter.


Vendor: Farmland

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