FREE SHIPPING. EVERYDAY. - It's time to Feed the Party

With tailgating season upon us, it's time to break out your favorite alma mater attire, face paint, and pack up the truck with your favorite food. Fire up the grill with your choice of meat, and start chanting your team's fight song!

The easiest way to get tailgate-ready is to Feed the Party. Heard of it? Started by Louisville resident Matt Kenney, he had the vision to get quality meat to the public in an affordable way, and is doing just that with the help of partner Finn MacDonald and sister company Mattingly Foods. Just as their motto says: A GOOD PARTY NEEDS GOOD FOOD; to be able to feed your party, Feed the Party will deliver high quality grilling packages right to your door, and get this, the packages start at only $59.99, and includes free shipping!

Here's how he got the party started:

Kenney knew that they had to think of a way to feed everyone with the highest-quality product possible. They take care to manufacture most products in house, which gives them the opportunity to hand select all of the meat.

He saw a problem in the food delivery industry and started brainstorming ways to address it: 

"Four things that I felt we needed to nail or we would ultimately fail; quality of the products, fair pricing, free shipping and quick delivery times," he explained.

He also realized that consumers like to order goods from the comfort of their home, get it delivered to their door step in a timely manner and on top of all that, get high quality product at a fair price.

His biggest obstacle? Shipping a perishable is expensive, and accounted for a significant chunk of their costs. In order to offer free shipping and offer a great value they had to come up with packages that fit with what they were trying to accomplish. 

The solution? They had to ship in volume.  

Kenney explains, "No one was going to buy 8 burgers for $50, even if they're the best burgers you'll ever eat. But they would buy 8 burgers, 2 strips steaks, 2 pork chops, 8 burger buns and some condiments all delivered to your door for $60." 

The packages are not only a great value, but incredibly convenient. You get a party in a box shipped to your door with really no need to go to the grocery store.

Feed the Party was then (brilliantly) created.

For those of you out there with a great a idea, Kenney says, "Nike's got it right. 'Just do it'. There is never a right time to start a business. If you believe in yourself and believe in your idea, it cannot fail. Even if it doesn't become the success you envision, you still didn't fail," he says ultimately, "the failure in all of it, is not trying.”

Here's how you can get the party started:

You can contact them here.

You can shop here and choose from party packages like King of the Party, Party Animal, Party like it's 69.99, Party Starter, and House Party. Their most expensive package, King of the Party, comes with an exceptional selection of meats, hamburger and sausage buns, and even a 16 oz. bottle of Henry Bains Sauce. King of the Party gives you everything you need to feed your party of 25 or more.

Every package comes with thoughtful condiments that are unique to each package like 1 oz. tins of Bourbon Barrel Foods smoked sea salt and pepper, which is absolutely delicious and adds a nice, smoky seasoning to the meat.

Also, keep this in mind, a portion of sales goes to the Dare to Care food bank so when you're feeding yourself you can also help to feed the hungry right here in Louisville.
Feed the Party is just that, an easy, affordable, and tasty way to feed any party. Check them outhere, and get your party started!

By. Megan McDougal