Kentucky Proud Grill Lovers Box

  • Two 16oz 80/20 Ground Beef Bricks from Kentucky Cattlemen’s

  • Six 5.3oz Berry Center Beef Patties

  • Eight 2oz zesty Italian Sausages from Marksbury Farm

  • Eight 4oz Blackhawk Farms Wagyu Beef Patties

  • Freedom Run Farm Ground Lamb (1lb)

There’s something special about cooking on a grill. Maybe it’s nostalgia, or perhaps it’s the aromas of meat sizzling over an open flame no matter what temperature it is outside. Then again, it could just be that a perfectly grilled burger or sausage tastes great. But what makes it quite exceptional is the flavors of local meats from farms in the Bluegrass state. The Grill Lovers Box features a delectable assortment of beef, lamb, and pork, all locally sourced. Each mouth- watering forkful is sure to warrant a celebration from your taste buds as you savor the difference of local.