Who we are


We like to think of ourselves as an industry secret. A special club where you can buy bulk meats for wholesale prices just like restaurants do, minus the membership fee. Our philosophy is simple. Keep costs down and pass the savings on to you. Our restaurant distribution-style buying power and relationships, combined with our with our never-ending quest for shipping efficiency, result in the best possible prices for our customers.

We guarantee you wont find a better value (per pound price) on any comparable steaks from any of our competitors. You want a good steak, not baked potatoes, apple tarts or a 3 oz. Pork Chop (yes, those exist). Our selection is small because we carefully select products that we believe provide you with the highest quality and the best bang for your buck. Our goal is to save you money while making you look like a grilling rock star.

So we have the buying power and relationships to pass on the savings, but how do we ship for free...?

Bulk Shipping

One word. BULK. Shipping a package of  20 steaks costs around the same as shipping 4. That's why you see other online meat companies charging you $40 per pound for ribeyes when they only cost $15. They have to account for the high shipping and labor costs that come along with shipping a perishable product. Shipping you more meat allows us to absorb those high costs into our prices, while providing you the convenience of sitting back and waiting for your doorbell to ring.

The Steaks & Chops

There's a pretty good chance if you've eaten bbq or a juicy steak at a restaurant in the U.S., you've most likely had one of our products.  We only partner with farms and purveyors who share our passion for meat perfection. 

Whether you are a party of one, two or ten, our mission is the same; to provide you with the best products and superior service at a fair price.